Probate Season Fashion


When it comes to fashion, we do this. As playwright George C. Wolfe stated, “God created black people and black people created style.

My fellow Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students let us take a minute to embrace the fact that probate season is amongst us and you know what that means. It’s time to get those outfits together. Now I’m not talking about your regular chicken Wednesday outfit, I’m talking about the outfit you wear to go see your ex after begin broken up for four years. I’m talking about that outfit that will make you look in the mirror, pull out your phone and confess to premeditated murder because you are about to kill the scene with this outfit. Your outfit should be so fly that you’re head butting eagles. Your probate outfit should be so fly that you put it in reserve for the next three months (don’t act like you do not have those outfits you only wear every now and then) because they’re just too much for you to handle.

Now don’t go in there trying to out dress the prophytes because their outfits are pulled from the fashion stratosphere that only prophytes can access. By all means go in and capture the room with your outfit alone. So take heed to designer Rachel Zoe’s quote when she says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

First, find an ensemble that is versatile to the climate because nine times out of ten the building that the probate will be held in will be hotter than a barbecue grill on the fourth of July or just maybe you are amongst the lucky few who attends a probate inside a nicely cooled area where you’re not the only thing giving chills in the room. Grab items that are light in weight and allow your skin to breathe. Ladies, go for a skirt or dress that gives you the ability to show some legs and skin. Now please don’t wear a dress or skirt so short that you are a walking billboard for Me Phi Me. Allow your outfits to be versatile in the sense where you can possibly go from the probate to the after party.

Fellas, depending on your steeze, try a pair of jeans or a pair of Chinos that you can pair with some Jordan ones or a pair of loafers such as Cole Haans. If you are a prohphyte and you know that’ll you be training, shimmying, hopping or walking, be sure that you have enough room in your pants to do all of this because the worse that can happen is you will burst your pants in front of hundreds of people. Be sure to allow your outerwear such as a blazer, cardigan or jacket to be loose enough for you to make the proper movements. You should always shoot for comfort but also be dressed enough that you can go from the probate to the after party.

Now that you have an ensemble, it is time to pick shoes that you can walk a mile in and yes literally a mile because no matter how early you make it to the event, there will not be any parking available. Now ladies, if you decide to wear a pair of stilettos, rub your toes with extra strength Orajel because it’ll subside the pain. How do you think the models make it down those runways without flinching? I’m telling you what I know and not what I heard. This modeling life does not come easy. Ladies, be sure that you can walk in those heels because the worse that can happen is that you’re out there walking like a new born colt and that is embarrassing for you and the people you came with.

Fellas, when it comes to footwear we really don’t have a problem picking the right shoe that provides comfort and style. Now don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting scuffed because it is bound to happen. If you are wearing hard bottoms be sure to prepare yourself for a little pain. To eliminate all other options, just go to the closet and throw on a pair of Chelsea boots preferably black or brown. This boot will go with all ensembles.

Finally, your ensemble is set and ready to wear. When you walk into that probate catch the eyes and break the necks of everyone in the place and if you are lucky enough you may catch #futurebae. Make sure your outfit is so well put together that after the function, when you go back to your room and click through Snapchat  you’ll see a snap of you captioned “Must not go here”, with the heart eyes emoji. Follow these steps and you are bound to keep the heads turning in the probate line while you’re finding a seat, when you seat, when you exit, at the party and maybe at Waffle House. When you look in the mirror, be sure to say, “The Gent taught me.” Thanks for reading this week’s fashion editorial.