Protect Yourself


The world is a dangerous place no matter where you go.  College can also be dangerous because there are a large amount of people from various backgrounds.  Where ever there are a lot of people, caution must be exercised.  College is a place where many great experiences can occur and many great memories can be made, but that does not mean that you should not have to take into account that something bad might happen other than failing a class.  Here are a few ways that you can use while in college to protect yourself.


The buddy system is good to have in many types of situations, especially on a college campus. Going to a party can be dangerous if you do not  know anyone there or have not been to a party on campus before. Try to avoid being alone late at night. Although someone may still assault you during the daylight hour, it is more dangerous at night, therefore, having a friend or friends with you during these types of settings (party) is always advantageous.


As I alluded to earlier, night time is the right time to commit a crime.  Be aware of your  surroundings.  Do not go anywhere alone with someone you do not truly know. Be cautious of the new friends that you make.


Another thing to know is what to do when you are in a dangerous situation.  Be prepared to yell as loud as you can. Pepper spray or a  whistle can be very helpful.  It would also be beneficial to take a self defense class at your local YMCA so that if attacked you will now how to defend yourself.

Being safe is a necessity.   Make sure that you are smart about your  decisions.  Traumatic events can follow someone for the rest of their lives and be very disruptive. College can be a wonderful experience, or a dark one, depending on what happens, so be careful.  Hopefully these tips will be helpful.