How to Look Good on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you have plans, you’re going to want to show out in the look’s department. Single or in a relationship, here are some tools to look your best and remain confident throughout the night.

The little black dress has been a chic staple over the years. It’s easy to find one that fits your style and spice it up with makeup and accessories, maybe even a bold red lipstick. You can have a flirty dress that flares out or get a little more sexy with a slim fit. If you want some versatility, the little black dress is your best bet on V-Day.

Didn’t think the red lipstick I mentioned was bold enough for your Valentine’s Day plans? Well we can get a little bolder. Dawning a red ensemble is always a classic statement on February 14th. You will exude sexiness and confidence. A dress, romper or jumpsuit, it really doesn’t matter, because all eyes will be on you.

There are so many ways one can go with their makeup on Valentine’s Day but there are two main go-to’s such as keeping the bold red lipstick as mentioned above or a nude lip with a sultry smokey eye. They both bring different effects to the your desired look. The sultry eye being mysterious and the red lipstick brings a little more in your face look.

For my guys, please dress it up. Whether you’re fashionably inclined or not, your date will appreciate the effort. Even a button down and some nice pants paired with a cologne and fresh cut can make your date swoon. Take it a step further and do a suit if you’re planning to go  out for the evening. Dress shoes or even something like Chelsea boots are a must, so let’s not wine and dine in our sneakers.

I’m not saying you completely have to drop your swag for the night, but it’s okay to bring out your chain or maybe a nice watch to accessorize. This is the night to pull out all of the stops, by smelling nice, having your hair on point and having a fine fit. Go ahead and get that fresh cut men, and ladies figure out your hair now, and make it a night you won’t forget.