Real Talk Returns for Season 3


Real Talk returned for its Season 3 premiere on Thursday, October 19, 2017 in the Agriculture Extension Building in the Ray Johnson Auditorium. The show kicked off at 8:45 pm and the admission was free.

The show was created in the Fall of 2016 to bring awareness to authentic issues college students and citizens face on a daily basis. However, the show gives an uncensored outlook on these issues. Real Talk answers the unanswered questions, provides probable solutions for difficult situations and ultimately helps the people whether it be indirectly or directly. This year’s hosts are Erika Wheeler, Desmond Miller, Marquis Goodman and Anika Washington. The show also has crew members that help make the show a success such as Public Relations/ Social Media Members, Security, the Backstage Crew and the Executive Team. Real Talk hosts seeks the latest news to discuss for each episode. Thursday’s show was broken down into segments. Segment I included discussions of the Las Vegas shooting, Puerto Rico conditions since Hurricane Marie, kneeling in the National Football League (NFL), Homecoming 2017, etc. Segment II was a new addition to the show where the hosts have 60 seconds to discuss a topic with this week’s topic being Roommates from H***. There was also a yea or nay segment discussing current topics and following that was a poetry performance. During commercial breaks, the audience was able to enjoy the various tunes of DJ Stigga Savage.

The Real Talk hosts are looking forward to this year’s season. Erika Wheeler, Real Talk Host from Vicksburg, Mississippi explained their plans for this season by stating, “We are planning on growth for this season, reaching a larger audience and expanding our audience.” The show will be airing every two weeks.

The Real Talk crew can be contacted at, on Instagram at RealTalk_asu, on Twitter at ASU_RealTalk and on Snapchat at RealTalk_ASU.