Reality Check!


Keep those squares out of your circle and be aware of false friends.

Just because he said he loves you baby girl does not mean he wants to be your man.

Practice what you preach and stop thinking it’s rude to speak.

It’s nothing wrong with saying how you feel because real always recognizes real.

The same people that you hug and kiss when your back is turned they will laugh and diss.

But in your face they will tell you I love you,  you are like my sis, when really in the back of their minds they’re thinking if she gets in my way I’m going to have to give her these fists.

Envy is a drug and that’s how some of y’all get high. I only speak the truth and this is the reason why, because I got my but torn up as a kid if I ever told a lie.

Never settle for less because you were created by the best.

God sent his son to die for you so there is no need for you to stress.

Remember praising God is not a competition and who he uses is not your decision.

Everybody on this green Earth has a special position and no one is greater than the other.

Why? Because we all are following his vision therefore laugh instead of cry cause laughter heals the soul.

No, tomorrow is not promised so enjoy today before it’s gone.  How many times do I have to repeat the word LOVE? It’s a shame because some of you all think being able to love should be kept a secret. Keep those squares out of your circle because they come to kill, steal and destroy.

Envy is a drug and that’s how some of y’all get high and if you want to know if a person actually loves you ask them, look them in the eye and watch if they lie.