Seed of Mine


Seed of mine

It was almost your time

But your life must be declined.

Your tender touch will never erupt.

Your innocent mind will never corrupt.

Don’t think I’m happy, my life is deduct.

I want you.

To hold your tiny hand in mine and

To make you smile and laugh all the time.

To have you here for love and prosperity

But in this day and age, it’s irregularity.

It seems to be I am the only one who knows you

I hold you, I mold you and they sold you.

You will always be a seed of mine.

If it’s in God’s plan we’ll meet again in time.

I hate that I have to give you up.

Just know my heart will never fill up.

There’s a hole where your tiny life lies.

We won’t even get to say our simple goodbyes.

The distinct heartbeat that is within

Cries and cries for my hand.

I pray that I could take a stand and

allow you into the world

but my plans have twirled.

I need you.

To see you,

To love you,

To hug you,

Or even show you the innocence above you.

You may be gone,

It may be wrong,

But you will forever live long

Inside my heart,

My mind,

My body,

And soul.

You run through my veins

Your life was surely gold

So I pray that God sends his guardian angels

To guide you to the Heavens and watch mom at an angle.

Lord protect my little seed

For its precious life will not breed.

You will always be a seed of mine.

I know that in God’s plan, we’ll meet again in time.