I’ve been hit before and it wasn’t that bad.
Don’t say that to him it might make him mad.
I watch what I say, even my moods, because no matter what I say it’s all about you. 
Your happiness, your feelings.
If you’re good, I’m free.
I’m captivated by your love even though all it does is hurt me.
Beat me, talk to me like I’m dirt. 
I’m yours and you are mine but why does it have to hurt.
Why do I cry? Why am I in pain?
Because you’re the boss and you gave me your last name.
12 million people are trapped each day.
Find your safe haven, protect your children, teach them that they don’t have to stay.
I wear blue not because of how I feel, but to silently, vibrantly let my peers know domestic violence is real.
Save yourself and don’t worry about me.
You’re reading in captivity and I’m writing freely.