September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month


Life can be so stressful with school, relationships and financial instability. As human beings, falling into bad moods and spells of negative emotions inevitably generate through one’s being, thus, provoking a sense of nurture and care from individuals in close proximity. September, better known as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, is a topic to seriously take into consideration. There are so many outlets to expressing oneself, such as, leaning on a family member, a friend, a classmate, co-worker, calling a hotline service, and receiving counseling. There are some people who prefer to deal with their problems on their own not realizing the impact it is taking on their lives as well as the people around them. I’m sure one could agree that seeing a loved one down and lethargic rather it is mentally, physically or emotional is not a preferred sight.

Strive to be an ambassador of hope by simply talking to anyone who is in need of a helping hand or shoulder to lean on. Create a bond with someone in need of the presence of a listening ear, opened eyes and heart to accept the challenge of removing any burden that has unrightfully imposed on the conscience of another’s life. Establish a relationship of sincerity and probity to steer the known and unknown away from giving up on a fighting chance at a beautiful life.

Everyone matters; we as human beings have a purpose here on Earth. Be that helping hand to anyone in need and if not you point that person in the direction of someone who can. If you or someone you know is feeling stressed, suicidal or just need someone to vent to reach out to The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.