Shopping Online is a Vibe


Its every college students favorite time of the year, REFUND SEASON. It feels like Christmas to see that direct deposit or get that check in the mail. Regardless of the amount it’s a given that you’re going to get some new fly gear. Going to the mall is always fun but for those who like to have unlimited time to shop probably want to go the online route.

I understand that while in college you must ball on a budget and look fly for less but coming across trends that match your wallet can be difficult. Luckily fashion is my name and finding nice clothes for the low is my game. Sometimes people just don’t know which websites to turn to or the dos and don’ts to shopping online but after reading this you’ll be rushing to the computer.

When you first go onto a clothing website, your attention is instantly caught by the lovely models that are wearing some of the featured fashions. The downside to that is the models always wear the clothes that cost a pretty penny. Instead of going to the “what’s new” section, click on the sale/clearance tab. Clearance sections will be your best friend because although the prices are marked down the selection of clothing and accessories are still worth your money.

Now the most important tip to online shopping is ALWAYS LOOK AT THE SIZE CHART. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with excitement because after looking for a while you find something you really like. Before you put that lucky piece in your shopping cart, read the details the website gives you. Most clothing websites give you a description of what size the model is wearing (don’t let the photoshop fool you), the material the item is made of and the colors that are available. Under all of that is a clickable link that gives you access to a size chart. If you’re the type of person who likes to return things get one size bigger than your normal size in EVERYTHING, expect for shoes. Usually if you wear a small in T-shirts, make sure to drop a medium in the cart.

Don’t know the website for hot fashions, well ladies and gentlemen here are my top 3. Fashion Nova, H&M and Forever 21. The wonderful thing about all three websites is that they always offer deals for students and their sale section is THE BOMB.