Should Prisons Be Sued?


According to many television shows that I’ve watched over the years, prisoners have to fear for their lives while serving time. To elaborate on the thought of fearing for their lives, prisoners have to fear getting brutally raped. However, I disagree with this inhumane act and believe that although they are serving time for their crimes, prisoners shouldn’t have to fear for their safety.

Prison rape is not only a physically and psychologically damaging experience, it is also a formidable challenge for correctional departments attempting to secure basic human rights within correctional institutions. Although the criminal has done a crime to result in him or her going to prison, they should not have to be punished further by forced, sexual activity. I believe humans should treat others the way they want to be treated and of course, the security could solely put an end to this by becoming more alert. It may be formidable but security knew what they were signing up for when they took the job.

I could not imagine getting raped. Neither could I imagine any of my close relatives getting raped either. It honestly displeases me that the morals of society are rapidly decreasing which results in a lot of inhumane acts presented in this day and age. It is time for society to start forgiving and standing up for what is right in the world.

I do understand that sometimes rape in prison will happen, just like it can happen in everyday life. However, I still believe that the prisons could reduce the number of people getting raped by hiring a more alert crew. In order to make them grasp the concept that allowing rape is not ok, they should be put into near rape encounters. Then they will understand the severity and the amount of psychological damage it can cause someone.

A person in prison does not deserve to be raped and the guards could easily put this to an end. They have cameras and they also should do random checks to ensure no one is in harm’s way. They should utilize their technology and also put into action their learned safety procedures.

Prison should be a place to safely serve time. If a person disobeys the rules of prison they should be handled in a just manner. However, they do not deserve to get raped and treated wrongly. As a result, victims develop problems that will haunt them for a lifetime after being assaulted. The fact that I’ve seen so many prison shows, where the guard is telling the audience about rape, lets me know they could presumably stop this horrible experience. Once this is stopped they will then be able to abolish other unjust acts within the walls of the prison such as being severely beaten.

Overall prison rape is wrong and the prisons should be sued for allowing this to happen. Rape produces psychological damages that cannot be reversed and will place a scar on that individual for a while. Despite them committing crimes, they are already serving their time and should be protected while doing so.