Signs of a Narcissist


Narcissists are people that are excessively interested in themselves. There are many people who love themselves which is great, people are supposed to love themselves. There are also individuals who love themselves and are cruel to others which is terrible, but narcissists take that statement to an entirely different level. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and the only thing that matters to a narcissist is their ego. Narcissist are selfish, vain, and cruel, and use other people to feed that ego.

There are three major types of narcissists, Classic Narcissists, Vulnerable Narcissists, and Malignant Narcissists and five subtypes of narcissists which are Overt, Covert, Somatic, Cerebral, and Inverted. Here are a few signs that they all have.

Narcissists do not care about other people, so they do not have empathy for
others. They do not care what others are going through. If they ask a friend for
something small like getting ice cream from the store, and their friend tells them that they are sick or hurt, they will not care. They might respond like, “Ok, well can you still get it,” instead of getting the ice cream themselves or not getting it at all.

Narcissists are obsessed with themselves. They think that they are better than
everyone else and feel that they can do no wrong. Not all narcissistic people are open about this particular opinion, but whenever anything bad happens, they will typically put the blame on whoever is closest to them. Inverted narcissist  are covert narcissist that seek companionship with other narcissist often making others feel sorry for them because of what their significant other put them through. These type of narcissists often make it appear that they always blame themselves but in reality say that so that others can think that it is the other narcissist’s fault that they are that hard on themselves or that sad.

Narcissistic people need constant praise and admiration to fuel their ego. They
will often look for it in many different ways and receive it in many different ways. They could be doing good deeds and nice things simply because they like to hear how nice they are and not out of the kindness of their heart, because there is no kindness in their heart. They make someone feel like they need them, then leave or threaten to leave just to hear, “I need you.” Many narcissist treat others like they have betrayed them or shunned them because they may have not greatly complimented them for a short period of time.

Narcissist put others down to make themselves feel better, especially if they have
not received continuous compliments or praise for a period of time. Some
narcissistic people like covert narcissists use manipulation in such a passive
aggressive way that others may not even know that they were manipulated which gives the narcissist the advantage to deny that they did anything wrong or put anyone down.

Narcissists are very manipulative. They are kind in the beginning and seem like the perfect person such as a covert narcissist. They often trick others into being around them or into being a boyfriend or girlfriend and often emotionally attack them once they get very attached.

If you come across any of these signs, it is best to not get involved with someone with these characteristics. Most of the people who experience the worst
side of a narcissist are their significant others because there is only so much you can hide for so long. Like anyone else, a narcissist will show their true colors once in a while. Being with a narcissist can cause great depression, and will lead to different types of abuse. Do not let these people be a significant part of your life, and if they already are, cut them off. It is better to cut ties with them so you can live much happier.