Spillin’ The Tea With Kee: The Advice Column (February 28, 2020)


Dear Kee:

My name is Calandra and I really enjoy reading your column. I am a Junior at an HBCU in Louisiana and I have what could potentially lead to a major problem. At the beginning of the Spring semester I got a new roommate named Mera (not her real name) and she is the worst. By worst I mean she’s very unsanitary, she snores loudly, she never cleans up after herself, she always wants rides and never offers anyone any gas money, she eats all of the food out of the refrigerator but never buys any groceries and she dominates the television. That’s just some of the problems Kee. I’ve reached my limit with Mera. I have spoken to her and my suitemates have spoken to her but to no avail. We’ve spoken to our Residential Assistant (RA) who advised us to speak with the Director of Housing upon which we did and she told us that every dorm is filled to capacity and that there are no vacancies. I’m extremely frustrated right now and I don’t know what to do. Are there any words of wisdom that you could convey that could help me and my suitemates?


I’m So Over This

Dear I’m So Over This:

I was honestly hoping I would never receive this question because this is unacceptable. While reading this letter, I was easily thinking of the few options that you have to deal with in this situation, although, there aren’t many. I know having a good roommate is either a hit or miss and you certainly missed. My advice to you would be attempting to talk with Mera one more time about the situation. Obviously this is the last straw, but be open to having an intervention or open discussion with her and include your suitemates. All of you need to address Mera strongly about what she does that bothers you all. Be a little aggressive if you need to be because you’ve already explained this issue on more than one occasion. If she still doesn’t cooperate and the Director of Housing is still no help, I would find a possible way of contacting the University’s president or even involving your parents. There’s no way you can go on with this nonsense. You’re not obligated to be uncomfortable and your parents do not pay for you to live in filth or be taken advantage of. Respectfully explain your situation and kindly ask your president to remove her from the room because you’re not the only one that’s complaining. Also, what kind of female carries herself in this manner? I can’t say that I know one. This is just one of those times that you have to go above and beyond for the respect you rightly deserve. Good luck.