Spillin’ the Tea with Kee: The Advice Column (September 30, 2019)


Dear Kee:

I won’t waste your time so I’ll get right to it. I’m a Freshman at an HBCU in the South and I must say I’m completely miserable here. Not so much with the HBCU itself but school in general. I never wanted to attend college but my mother insisted that I go. She spoke of tradition and how having a college education can help me tremendously. Out of respect for her I attended this institution of higher learning but I’d much rather be in the real world working and making money. I am so lost and I just don’t care about anything going on here. How do I tell my mother that I want to leave school and follow my own path rather than hers?

Just Miserable

Dear Just Miserable:

First of all, your mother is right. Having a college degree will help you tremendously and it can help you land a solid career but my question to you would have to be, have you even tried? You already had it in your mind that you didn’t want to attend college or be apart of that experience, but you must be open minded to the opportunities and the knowledge that you will obtain. Attending college will help you land a better job since you’re so interested in making money. You have the rest of your life to work so be open to fun experiences and new challenges. If you choose not to stay, just tell your mom your ultimate life plan and make her understand that you will be better off in the real world.