Spillin’ the Tea with Kee: The Advice Column (April 30, 2019)


Dear Kee:

My name is Montavious and I’m a Sophomore Business major here on campus. I am from a very small town in Louisiana and if you blink you’d miss it. One of the reasons I came to Alcorn is to get far away from that place. As you know the semester is rapidly coming to an end and I dread going back there. There are no jobs to go to that can occupy my time in a positive manner and since I don’t have a car I can’t go to the neighboring town to look for a job. Unfortunately, I didn’t adhere to the multiple times my Instructors told me to sign up for any internships and kept putting it off and now it’s too late. Kee, to coin a phrase, “I’m stuck like Chuck”. Do you have any advice on how I can occupy my time this Summer in a positive and beneficial way that could possibly help me with my future occupation while I’m at home? Thank you in advance.


Dear Smallville:

Honestly, you knew that you would eventually have to go home and you needed something to occupy your time with. You should have been applying for internships to benefit you for your future career. Unfortunately, since you didn’t, you could easily start your own business mowing lawns around town. Look at this as a small business venture that you could gain a plethora of experience from. Another idea that I have that you could do to occupy your time in a positive manner is by helping people by doing volunteer work for a charity or a church. There’s always something valuable to do with your time. Next year, be more prepared for the Summer by getting an internship early because in order to gain that career that you desire you’ll eventually need it.