Everybody wants to achieve success. There is a wide ruled standard of what success actually is and how it is to be obtained. Everyone has their own opinion upon which they are entitled to.  My idea of success is the self-unveiling composite conjunction of empowerment, sight and serenity.

Success is defined as satisfactory completion of something; the gaining of wealth, respect, or fame. Everyone strives for “the American dream” which may or may not consist of the fancy new cars, fat paychecks, and the name brand items. Unfortunately the majority of the world deems these things as traits of success. I think that no matter what you are paid, what you wear, or how expensive your tastes are you have the ability to be viewed as a success with a certain level of genuine happiness.

Happiness is the ability to be suitable for something or enjoying one’s condition. When you’ve reached the point of contentment of a certain involvement, nothing can stop you from exerting the maximum effort to achieve and find joy. Joy is a vital characteristic of success. The definition of joy is the feeling of pleasure or happiness that comes from success, good fortune, or a sense of well-being.

To be successful is an opinion made up by the majority of the world. There is no code of standard regulation that qualifies a person for success. I know a woman who struggled through single parenthood with her four children. She pushed through life’s trials and tribulations and managed to accomplish one of her most sought after priorities which was having a well put, family orientated lifestyle. Now she resides in a suburban area in her city and her heart is filled with joy as she continues to strive for improvement. I consider her successful. Her children are growing into adolescence with a sense of purpose. That’s more than successful to me.

The self-unveiling composite conjunction of empowerment, sight, and serenity is my definition of success which shows different levels of one’s self authorized, wisdom and peace within their own life. Whether the current state is desired or not, a successful person will push through and find joy. Everybody wants to be successful. Success is what you make it not what the world characterizes it to be.