Suiting Your Own Personal Style


From the neckties, bow ties and even cufflinks, women are dominating the world of suits and business apparel. You may have seen a few of your favorite celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie rocking suits on the red carpet and doing it gracefully. Janelle Monae is another woman that has made wearing suits her style of choice as she continues to dazzle us all with her music.

So why not find a few staple suit pieces to add to your own personal collection of clothes at home? And for those of you that have a few things at home I can help you find your own personal style. Here are a few important pieces that can help you on your personal journey to discovering your own stand out style.


What’s a suit without a blazer? This is the important piece; I mean it’s a suit. Thrifting blazers are a great and inexpensive way to begin exploring your personal style.  Try adding colors to your closet with reds, blues or even pink.


Neckties can be the centerpiece of your suit as well as bow ties. Try finding different colors and prints to add a bit of flare to your outfit’s texture.


Your favorite styles of pants come in slacks these days so options are limitless. Try skinny or flare pants or even wide legged.

Don’t worry every suit doesn’t need all of these essentials so you can have fun. Fashion comes from within and remember, thrifting is your friend.