Swimwear for a Cool Summer


The weather is warming up and the fashion trends are just as hot. There are several different ways to express yourself in your attire and that includes swimwear. This season’s styles are quirky and are sure to grab anyone’s attention. Whether you’re relaxing poolside or making a splash on the beach you are sure to find a look that fits your personality and style.

1. High Waist Bikini
The convenience of this bathing suit allows flexibility while still allowing you to feel comfortable. These types of bathing suits fit snug and give your waistline a nice silhouette. Try finding different styles and mix and match your top and bottoms. This will create a look all your own which keeps the mundane task of finding the exact bottoms to match your top.

2. Statement Tribal
Tribal wear has been seen on all of the runways over the past few years and this year was no exception. Miami Swim Week featured various styles of swimwear with a tribal print included in the details. Try neutral colors to tone down your tribal bikini or go for an even bolder color to make your day on the beach even brighter.

3. Fluttering tops and Flowing one-pieces
The loose draped flow of this bikini top is a funky way to add some flare to your swimwear. The tops are usually versatile which allows you to change the look of this cute top to one that fits your style. You can go for a strapless look or a crisscross back. Try mixing and matching the bottoms of this bathing suit to find which one works for you.

4. Monokini
The classic one-piece bathing suit has a best friend and they call her the monokini. This one piece delight is a sexy verse of the classic one piece bikini. It’s not as simple as the infamous red one piece that Pamela Anderson sported on Bay Watch. Monokini’s come in various styles and most have cut-out details and prints to make the simple look pop and add a bit of va-va voom. Look for styles that fit your body nicely.

5. Photo prints/ Metallic prints
Photo prints are a must have and Miami Swim Week features several styles with prints and colors to make heads turn. Metallic prints are fun and give your bathing suit a slight futuristic touch or depending on your vibe, a retro groovy vibe. Try mixing and matching your accessories to find a look that suits your style. Photo prints are fun and creative. They can range from any pattern or quirky sayings.

Summer time is almost here so don’t struggle with the hassle of finding the perfect bathing suit for a hot summer. Bathing suits with cute cut outs and mesh panels as well as lace and fringe are all the rave this summer. Remember to mix and match your tops and bottoms and look for bathing suits that express your style and creativity. Accessories are everything so try finding cute cover ups and hats to coordinate your look with you bathing suits.