Take Care of Yourself


As young ladies do we take care of our bodies as we should? Having good nutrition for young ladies is very important in today’s society. Although God made us in His image, which is beautiful and bold, we still should take responsibility on how we treat ourselves. Some ladies tend to, at times, down themselves and eat continuously due to depression from various situations. This is unhealthy both mentally and physically and definitely must stop.

 I’ve heard some people say if you eat better you’ll feel better. Most ladies are always on some type of diet or exercising throughout the week. Although, these are good attempts at obtaining good health, they never last long. Some ladies get tired easily and some are just lazy which in turn leads them back to their old habits.  Fast food is a major reason why most ladies can’t stay in shape. It’s extremely cheaper to buy a cheeseburger from McDonalds than it is to go out and spend money on healthy nutritious items, such as salads, fruits and vegetables. Statistics say ladies should only take in 2000 calories per day but many exceed this number drastically. 

Another contributing factor to an unhealthy lifestyle is low self-esteem which can really take young ladies in the wrong  direction. Young teenage girls are always trying to stay up-to-date and fit in with the crowd. I knew a young lady from my high school who always held her head high no matter what anyone said to her or about her. She didn’t have expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry or make up and she wore what her parents could afford and she was just as happy and beautiful as any other girl in my school. She had very high self-esteem. Anything she owned, she made it work for herself and ignored the detractors. All females should take advice from this young lady and think highly of themselves.

Another factor contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle is alcohol and drugs and unfortunately in today’s society we see too many teens using these vile substances. Most of the time teens get influenced by their peers. They never intend to turn to drugs or alcohol but once they do many become addicted to the substances. Teens just don’t understand how these things affect their bodies and their brains and how it can effect them in the long run. I’ve heard many people say, “It makes me smarter or it helps me focus on tests,” and my response  to them is always an emphatic “NO”! God gave you a brain and gave you the ability to help yourself. You don’t need extra help from anything or anybody when you have Him.

I encourage everyone, especially young ladies, to make intelligent and courageous efforts to love their bodies, whatever size or shape that God has given them. Always strive to be a better you for yourself and not aspire to be anyone else. Take better care of yourself.