Take the Day Off (Self Care)


As a college student, I’ve stressed a lot about small things that may or may not matter later. Most of the time, I complain and stress about the next upcoming assignment, event, or meeting. For others, they might stress about working a job and being a college student at the same time. Having all these responsibilities can take up most of your time. This can cause our self care and free time to be robbed from us due to the big responsibilities that we may have to encounter.

It is extremely important for us as young adults to be able to participate in self care. Taking a day off to relax and get in tune with yourself is needed every now and then even if you think it’s difficult to break away from the school work and school life. Having a self care day is not impossible. For those who are under a lot of pressure and need to take a break, here are some tips that may be helpful.

1) GET SOME REST: When I’m very overwhelmed, I go lie down for a few minutes. Rather it’s taking a nap or just being on my phone for those few minutes, I make sure I go lie down to relieve some stress that I may have had when doing my work or anything else that might’ve kept my mind busy and thinking a lot. Getting rest is very important because it helps relieve stress and improves your mood.

2) GOING TO THE SPA: Some people may say spas can be pricey but there are many alternatives that can be spa like. For instance, I like going to the nail shop to get a manicure and a pedicure. Not only does it relieve stress but getting pampered every now and again works miracles for your mental health.

3) GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE: Going to all of the places, memories and areas that have made you happy in the past can relieve stress. This can cause you to feel free and be filled with joy. Doing this will allow you to steer away from whatever is causing you to be overwhelmed. It will allow you to become more in tune with your happiness and inner self.

Hopefully these few tips will help. Taking a day or two off to relax is not harmful and is sometimes needed for young adults such as ourselves. We sometimes can become so busy and overwhelmed that we may forget who we are and where we came from. Self care days and relaxing when being under a lot of pressure is needed for some including myself.