Tell It Like It Is (October 15, 2015)


                                                            Creative Outlets for College Students

Whether you believe it or not, everyone has a creative side. College can take a toll on you, mentally and physically from the expressed anxieties and the expectation of academic excellence, so why not allow yourself some creative rejuvenation. Whether its painting or drawing, neither of which I can attest to, there are ways to get your creative juices flowing. Finding different outlets in and around your college community are some of the best ways to de-stress and have fun.

1. Libraries, Book Stores

Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to explore the artsy creative entity within. Parks, bookstores and libraries with convenient hideaway places can be perfect for finding “me time” and channeling the creative beast within.

2.  Art Museums & Photography Studios

Museums or studios usually offer classes in different artistic mediums to help hone your skills or pick up a creative hobby.

3.   Baking/ Cooking classes

Everyone loves food. If you enjoy cooking why not take a few cooking classes, learn to make a gourmet meal or your favorite pizza.

4. Improvisation/ Acting Classes

Acting is fun and allows you to express yourself through one of the most creative ways plus it’s improv, what’s more fun than that?

5. Gardening / Nature Walks

It’s been proven that gardening or even owning plants relieves stress.

6. Dancing/ Dance Classes

Dance releases endorphins in your brain which can relieve any stressful situation. Get your body moving.

7.  Exercising/ Yoga

Exercise is also another great stress reliever and allows you to focus more throughout the day.

The important thing to remember is that creativity is a way to become in tune with yourself and your emotions. The possibilities are endless and you should try to make time for these things as often as possible.