Tell It Like It Is (September 30, 2015)


Life is a journey. Throughout one’s life, a person will face all kinds of trails and tribulation, heartache, and bitterness. It’s just the way things work. I know so many people, including myself, who are addressed with a problem and act as if their world is coming to an end. Every time something goes wrong in my life I get on edge and can’t function properly. My mother is the most over dramatic person when it comes to “situations” which means you can only imagine my grandmother. As a young child my aunt would always tell me that I should find comfort in the fact that there is always someone else whose “situation” is worse than mine. I never really considered this fact until just recently.

One morning I woke up late, which threw my whole day off track. I got dressed for class and the babysitter was running late as well which made me have to feed my son Joshua his breakfast. He ended up spilling food all over my clothes. After the babysitter arrived and I finished redressing I finally was ready to head to class. My roommate was still in the mirror which made me even more frustrated. As we left home and got half way down the road she realized that she left her phone and wallet. I had to turn around and head back to the house and my class had already started. After getting back on the road I started to speed in hopes to not miss class but I noticed Joshua’s bottle in the backseat which means he had no bottle at home with the babysitter. I, again, had to turn around and go all the way back to the my house.

My level of frustration was topping the roof by now. I got back to the road after dropping off my son’s bottle and there was only 35 minutes left of class. I sped so that I wouldn’t completely miss my lesson. I arrived at the entrance of Alcorn and realized that my car had run hot. I was forced to pull over in the very front of the campus. I attempted to put water into my radiator and got burned by the scorching hot water. Holding back the tears, I began to hear a soft noise in the background which sounded like an animal but I wasn’t acknowledging it due to my frustration. Leaning against my car, waiting for it to cool down I began to hear the noise again which was actually a tiny, hungry kitten. My heart sank when I laid eyes on her beat fur and her miniscule ribs.

I walked toward the kitten and she began to hiss. Trying to calm her down she began to swing and claw at me. I got in the car to tend to my wounds and noticed my car had cooled down. My class was officially over so I went to the gas station to purchase the kitten some milk. I went back to where she was located and poured her some milk in a cup. She ran very quickly to the cup and began to eat. As I walked toward her she jumped back very fast proving to me that she had very serious trust issues. I backed up and she ran back to the cup to drink. I assumed that she had some very bad things happen to her throughout her life.

My reasoning for explaining my day is to show you that I felt that everything was going wrong but this kitten had way more problems than I had. She was homeless, hungry, and scared for dear life while I was distraught about my easily fixable situations. Throughout life’s journey people have to realize that there is always someone or something that’s going through a “situation” that’s worse than theirs.