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The Beauty Of It All

Lilies of the field

Dandelions in the wind

Sun in its gleam

Colors of the world that blend

The rainbow after the rain

The promise that God made

The trees that sway

On a beautiful windy day

Despite the darkness

There is light

As the sun shines in the day

And the stars twinkle at night

The darkness of man

The pain of death

Though there is heartache

There is beauty that is still left

God’s creativity

The originality He has

Nothing can compare

Nothing to come nor that’s past

From the flowers of Spring

To the colors of Fall

Nothing can compare to

The beauty of it all

D'Anna King
D'Anna King
D'Anna King is from Brookhaven, Mississippi. She is currently a Graduating Senior majoring in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2022 semester.


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