The Crowning of Miss Mass Communications 2016-2017


The title of Miss Mass Communications is a title that has been coveted by many but only attained by a few. The title itself resembles intelligence, class, beauty, persistence and perseverance. Fortunately these are all qualities that the reigning Miss Mass Communications 2016-2017 Jocelyn T. Taylor possesses.

Taylor, 21, hails from ‘The Jewel of the Delta’, Mound Bayou, Mississippi. She is a 2013 graduate of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School which is also located in Mound Bayou. While in high school Taylor’s extracurricular activities included cheerleading, track, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), the Student Committee, and she was the 2012 Ms. Junior of JFK Memorial High School.

Taylor attributes her educational success to her mother, Rosalind Sinclair, who is a freelance barber. She says, “growing up my mother constantly emphasized how education was the key to accomplishing one’s goals and I definitely listened to her. I want to be a positive role model to my younger brothers Joshua, 19, and Jordan, 12, and show them that with a good education anything is possible.”

After graduating high school Taylor embarked on the next intriguing portion of her life by enrolling at Alcorn State University in the Fall of 2013. While there she chose Mass Communications to be her major due to some impromptu speaking engagements with the FBLA in high school which laid the platform for the realization that this was what she was meant to do. Some of Taylor’s extracurricular activities at Alcorn include ASU HEROS (Health Educators Reaching Other Students), a Student Ambassador, Honor Society Association, the Mass Communications Club and the newly crowned Miss Mass Communications 2016-2017.

She is scheduled to graduate in May of 2017 and plans to pursue a Masters degree in Public Relations/Advertising at a university that is yet to be determined. Taylor considers herself to be blessed in the decisions that her life has taken her and hopes that she can mentor younger individuals to follow her path. She states, “my advice to any young person entering college is to have realistic expectations and not view the world with rose colored glasses on. Also, I would tell them that presentation is the key to success and to always look your best and your sharpest. And lastly be kind to people, whoever they are, because you never know who may help you one day.”

Taylor’s motto to living a happy successful life is, “To each is own. Although life throws many curve balls at us all, we all have to go our own separate ways. Life is about choices.” No truer words have been spoken.