The Darkness of Man


Deep within us all

a darkness lies.

The desire to do wrong

deep within our minds.


This undying hunger,

this worldly thirst,

this internal battle,

the war that gets worst.


The Darkness of Man is

a spiritual disease.

With symptoms of

hate and lust and greed.


Like a common cold 

It is in us all.

Like a mighty strong force

it causes all to fall.


No one can cure

this illness called sin.

How can anyone

fight this and win?


Jesus was the one 

pure enough to pay the price. 

So the precious Lamb of God

gave his life.


When judgement day comes,

one question remains.

When the opportunity came

did you get saved?


Before it is too late

don’t waste any time.

This is the reason

Jesus was crucified.


Pick up your cross

and carry it daily.

Then when your day comes

you’ll be with the Heavenly family.