The Fashion Faux Pas: Suits


Alright guys last week we talked about the importance and history of the bow tie.  We even learned how to tie the perfect knot.  This week it’s all about suits. That’s right, suits!  First you need to understand that suits have the ability to give you power that’s unimaginable.  The second thing you need to know is the proper fit, and style that suits you best.  Last but not least, you need to know the three essential colors every man needs for all occasions.


Your suit will give out a clear message of who you are. It should influence the way you walk, talk and act. A good fitted suit will make you think bigger, and approach opportunities with boldness. It will give out a clear message to everyone watching that you’re a man that takes your work place seriously.

When trying on a suit, you should look for a good fit in your natural stance. This means standing up straight in the same dress shoes you will wear with your suits with your arms relaxed at your side.  It’s not a natural stance for everyone but it’s the base from where our movement flows.  If a suit doesn’t fit well in this stance it will never contour to your body.

Another thing a man should know is the correct suit color for different occasions.  Navy blue, and grey suits are normally worn for more professional settings, while black is known for formal.  These color suits should be every man’s starting point when upgrading their closets.  It’s time for the whole world to start dressing their best.  Let’s make it happen.