The First Move


Excuse me Ms. but I noticed you from across the venue.

From the sights of these ladies seems like you’re the only thing I’m into.

We can get to my name a little later because right now its all about you.

Maybe after this you’ll want to get together and it can be all about two.


I want to make us a journey hand-in-hand where we’d walk each mile.

I want it to be where I’m the cause of each smile.

Not talking about undressing you when I say I want to see the rest of you.

But more like let’s build an us so I can see the best of you.


I understand I’m going a little fast but maybe it’s love at first sight.

And if you’re not into that well I did blink once or twice.

I know you’re thinking it, man this dude is just running game.

And now that I think of it I didn’t even get your name.

Well sorry to cut you off Ms. Ashley and I hope I didn’t come off as rude.

Wait! What? I know you just didn’t say you’re not even into dudes.