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The Horrible Fate

Coughing up blood

I struggle to breath

I know that this

Is it for me

I try to grasp desperately

To my life that’s leaving me

It’s slipping through my fingers

Like the breath leaving my lungs

Death is calling

Fear is swallowing

Sorrow is consuming

Someone help me

I don’t want to die

I’m not ready

I’m so young

I have my whole life ahead of me

I wish I can say

Goodbye to my loved ones

I wish I can fix

Everything wrong that I’ve done

But I can’t move anymore

My life flashes before me

All the way to 19

The last age for me

I should have listened

To mom and granny

This broad road leads to death

Not the joy I seek

My vision is blurred

The bullet wound keeps bleeding

I feel so cold

I can’t feel anything

But what I do feel

Is darkness creeping

Fear rising

And my soul leaving

As I gasp for my last breath

feeling deep dreadful sorrow

Knowing that I will

Not be here tomorrow

I start falling down

A deep broad black hole

Devistation fills me

Because I know where it goes

Shortly after I land

I open my eyes

To see I’m in a prison cell

And too weak to rise

I see demons pacing around me

Ready to torment me

Pain so fierce not like before

Stabs me to my very core

Flesh is ripped

off of my bones

Oh, How I wish

I could go home

But there is no rest for me

This is my fate

Now that I’m down here

it’s too late

I wish I had accepted

Jesus while I was living

Now I’m stuck

Here for eternity

Please I’m begging you

Don’t be like me

Stuck here forever

With no one to save me

Give your life to Jesus

While you are still alive

Don’t wait like I did

Don’t waste your time

Don’t endulge

In the pleasures of sin

Or you soon enough

Will find your end

Never to rise again

Or live to tell

The horrible fate

the story of when you went to Hell

D'Anna King
D'Anna King
D'Anna King is from Brookhaven, Mississippi. She is currently a Graduating Senior majoring in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2022 semester.


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