The Journey


It was more than just reading a book.

It was deeper than just words on a page.

It was much more complex than reading between the lines.

As the chapters got longer, so did the story.

But it wasn’t all about trying to finish.

It wasn’t about being in a hurry to read.

It was about grasping the entire meaning.

It was about learning from the conflict.

It wasn’t about reaching the rising action to see what happens next, nor the falling action.

Yes, the climax is what hits the most.

It’s what stays with you in your mind because you are curious to know what happens next.

But without a conflict, there would be no climax,

Nor a resolution.

The resolution is the big finale. It’s what you’ve been waiting to read, to see, to hear.

But there’s no getting to the destination without the journey.

That’s the problem.

We’re so eager to get to where we desire to be that we miss the real meaning at hand.

The way there, the conflict.

The storm.

The situation.

The disaster.

We are so anxious to get through it that we don’t see through it.

Take a minute and realize why you are in the situation that you are in.

Why did God allow you to be in this predicament?

This test?

A book with no conflict holds no meaning.

Think about it. If there is no conflict, how can you learn from the book?

How will you grow?

A caterpillar did not transform into a butterfly overnight.

You can’t either.