The Minimalist


I’ve always been a fan of the “less is more” motto.  The simpler and easier your style is the more chic and sophisticated your outfit can be. In today’s fashion world the word minimalist has popped up in every fashion magazine and every fashion designers latest line of clothing. It describes the way you wear your hair to the way you decorate your home. Minimalism is simple and well put together yet daring and interesting. Here are a few ways you can create your own minimalist style.


A casual simple, “minimalist” look would be an oversized denim jacket (courtesy of your local thrift), a cropped tank or tee, a pair of high rise jeans and a fun pair of loafers in any color. Minimalism is all about the basics. Mixing and matching basic pieces will give a variety of looks to try and different options to choose. If you don’t want to try loafers you can always opt for a pair of booties instead.


The next look is casual as well. With this look try a soft colored maxi cardigan, a basic white t-shirt with a pair of “mom jeans” and a pair of boots or a pair of pointy toe flats. The best ways to style these outfits is to cinch your waist with a belt and tie the t-shirt in a knot at your belly or tuck the shirt into your pants. The jeans can be swapped out for a pair of linen pants.


Another minimalist outfit choice would be a basic baby doll dress and a cute hat and a pair of gladiator sandals. The outfit can be completed with a bold lip to make the outfit pop and make it your own. Any simple dress will do for this look. Don’t weigh the outfit down with too many accessories.


A simple rib knit, cropped top and a button chambray maxi skirt will give you a sophisticated and chic look. Try pairing this outfit with your favorite pair of stilettoes or pumps. Remember to keep the accessories to a minimum.


For this next look you can throw your boyfriend’s t-shirt on, a dress and a casual jacket and a pair of sneakers (I prefer Chuck Taylors myself). This outfit is comfortable enough to wear all day and fun enough to kick back and relax in.

Remember that minimalism is all about keeping it simple and still making your look stand out. Simple dresses and tees go a long way and basics are your best friend. Don’t be afraid to switch up your look and make each outfit yours. Fashion is all about the person wearing the clothes.