The Moral Decline of Women


In my opinion the women of today have mental lapses in judgment. They’re getting surgeries to accentuate their bodies and then posting their partially nude bodies all over social media. They’re attempting to make a quick dollar off of being a social media celebrity rather than obtaining a college degree. Some, in our society, are neglecting moral integrity and values.

I may come across as somewhat bias during these next few paragraphs but these are my honest views of what I’ve been witnessing lately.

I’m 24-years-old and I am noticing the downfall of the American woman. I was born in 1994, however, I can’t remember anything prior to 2005. What I do remember is the women being fully clothed and natural beauty illuminating throughout the general public. Somehow, over the years, women began to change.

Let’s begin with social media. Social media has become an important business tool in today’s society. Thanks to social media, practically anyone can make money from home. Instagram is a free app that allows people to share their lives and interests with their followers. Most women model on the site by advertising popular clothing brands in which they receive monetary compensation. Unlike the women of today, I wasn’t influenced by the socialites of my time. The women of today are extremely impressionable. A few years ago, there was the “Kylie Jenner Challenge”, where young girls and women alike engaged in using some sort of suction device in order to achieve temporarily fuller lips. Some of the individuals who attempted this nonsense were reported to have been hospitalized.

My next topic of discussion is beauty.  I wonder what ever happened to natural beauty? The kind of beauty where you just apply lip gloss and go. I remember watching music videos back in the 2000’s era and I knew who was on screen because all of the women didn’t look alike. Nowadays, everyone is beginning to look exactly alike. Operation tables are replacing gyms and prostitution is replacing legal employment. Now, it’s not the entire female species, just a large percentage of them. They’re buying hair, eyes, lips, hips, buttocks and more to morph into something that they’re not.

There is a lot of pressure in American society to be attractive. On average, women spend anywhere from $16,000 – $21,000 on beauty products per month. That adds up to over $200,000 a year. Also, on average, women spend anywhere from 5-12 hours in front of a mirror putting on makeup per week. I’ll admit, I too, from time to time, have participated in the new age terms of beauty. I have purchased hair and makeup. It’s somewhat addicting once you get started. I guess the important part is trying not to lose yourself to insecurities. Despite what the media portrays, everyone has flaws. Some of us just have the money to remove them which is sad because flaws are what makes us unique.

I often ask myself, “If I had the money, would I partake in any cosmetic procedures?” My response is always an emphatic NO! Who’s going to remind our youth of what natural beauty really is and encourage them to embrace their differences and remind them that beauty is beyond the physical appearance? I guess it will have to start with myself and the others who haven’t fallen victim to the latest standards of society’s definition of beauty. I have no problem with taking a stand and reclaiming the true definition of what beauty really is.