The Path

I’ve chosen to follow his path, in the light of his direction. 
All I want to do is to be dipped in his holy water and come out brand new. 
He’s the head of my life. 
Praising his name is always on my mind. 
From singing his song, to the rhythmic beats, and the dance on my feet 
When I shout! 
Me and God are the best of homies. 
Cause no matter what he stands before me.
Though the enemy tries to tear us apart. 
My religion so strong, the Devil throws darts
Just to get me to sing his vulnerable song.
From Angel Soft to Candy Apple Red,
Lord knows I don’t want to be burning in that distinguished place called HELL.
So one day I want to walk through your heavenly gates with a smile on my face. 
From sunrise to sundown  
My praise remains the same and blessed to see another day.