The Perfect Pen

One thing I’ve learned

Is that all pens aren’t made the same

I’m on a journey to find the perfect pen

To write my last name

I’ve run into all kinds of pens

Those pretty ballpoint pens with smooth ink

They feel good when you write

But they empty sooner than you think

Most often disposable pens come in three colors

Black is often what I choose

It’s easy to get a new one

To replace it when I lose

It’s pens that you keep for specific reasons

I had one pen just for keeping score in Spades

I had another pen for contracts 

Wanted to keep it until I received the accolades

But I need a pen that will always work

That will never falter

I need a pen that won’t give up on me

When it’s time to sign the papers at the wedding

Janee Washington
Janee Washington
Janee Washington is a Senior Mass Communications major from New Orleans, Louisiana. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 school year.


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