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The Presentation of Royalty: Mr. and Miss Alcorn State University 2023 Pageant

On Monday, March 27th at 6:00 pm in the James L. Bolden Student Union Ballroom, the Mr. and

Miss Alcorn State University (ASU) Pageant took place. 

This event gave students who are in their upcoming final year of college a chance to represent

Alcorn to the highest level. The Pageant consisted of 4 stages that showcased who those students

are as individuals. The stages were formal wear, ball-game attire, a talent portion, and discussion

questions. Each participant showcased who they truly were and answered how they would

represent the University as student leaders. 

This year, the pageant consisted of 4 female students who were in the race to become the

97th Miss Alcorn State University. They were Vanessa Washington, Jordyn Burns, Jillian Mills, and 

Kyleigh Reese Hankton. In the race for Mr. Alcorn was Arrington Robinson, Joseph Anthony, and 

Kendall Gibbs Jr.

Each contestant had the opportunity to present their Braveness as they went through each

round competing for the respective titles. The first walk through was a group promenade 

of the special theme of the evening entitled, “Egyptians Nights”.  All of the contestants walked

on stage and performed a themed dance routine as a way of introducing themselves as


Hosting this occasion was the current Mr. and Miss ASU, Kendrick Walker Jr. and Bria Fells.

During the event, there was a brief intermission where members of the current Royal Court graced

the audience with their talents along with a select number of musicians.

After each contestant had finished with each rung of the Pageant, they were given flowers as a

token of appreciation for giving the voters one last look at them before election day. The voting

took place on Tuesday, March 28th at 6:00 pm at the Campus Plaza.

(Photo credit: Jillian Mills)

Tyarian Carson
Tyarian Carson
Tyarian Carson is a Sophomore Mass Communications major from Canton, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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