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The Wisdom Well: The Advice Column (October 15, 2022)

Dear Yana:

I’m a Freshman here at Alcorn and I really do enjoy the environment of the institution. The only problem is I want to get out and enjoy more people and become a part of different organizations on campus but there’s one big problem, I am exceedingly shy. One would say I’m socially awkward. I want to have friends but I don’t know how to make or keep a friend. My social life was extremely awkward in high school and I swore that I would change all of that in college but unfortunately, it’s the same situation. Are there any words of wisdom that you can give me that would make me more socially acceptable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Desperate for a Friend     

Dear Desperate for a Friend:

First, it’s okay that you are a shy person. I am shy as well and it was hard for me to make friends at first when I first started college. The first step to making friends is talking to people. I know it might be weird to go up to someone and start talking to them but you never know where the conversation may lead. If you are too shy to just walk up to someone start off with your roommate. My first friend on campus was my roommate and her friends became my friends even after she graduated. You and your roommate might become friends and she could help you make more friends. You just have to learn how to talk to people even when it might be awkward at first. Another way you can make friends is by talking to the people in your classes. Some of the people in your classes will be in your major. Having friends in your major is a good thing so you can have someone to talk to about the department or even study with.

Second, If you have some organizations you would like to join you should look them up on social media. I know the organizational fair has passed but some organizations might still let you join during this time. You would need to find someone in the organization to talk to about joining. If it is too late to join make sure you remember what organization it is so you can try again next Fall. If it is not too late this will also be a way for you to make friends on campus.

Lastly, don’t let anybody make you feel like you don’t belong or you are not accepted here. Nobody is perfect and everyone gets shy at times. There is nothing wrong with you and you don’t have to change who you are to fit in. Right now, you may not have found your friends yet but you will. Just make sure you choose the right friends and build a bond with them. Who knows, they might be your friends forever.



Christeana Story-Davis
Christeana Story-Davis
Christeana Story-Davis is a Senior Mass Communications major from Vallejo, California. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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