This Week in Entertainment News (September 30, 2015)


This week in entertainment news Drake speaks on Quentin Miller, Dom Kennedy announces new tour, and The Game reveals that “The Documentary 2” is a double disc album.

First up, rapper Drake speaks on Quentin Miller, his alleged ghost writer, in an interview with FADER. Drake covered FADER Magazine for their 100th issue and gave the first interview since the “Rolling Stone” incident. After dropping what is arguably the best collaborative album with rapper Future since “Watch the Throne,” Drizzy finally took the time to address the accusations from rapper Meek Mill. When questioned about the Quentin Miller reference tracks that surfaced, he said, “I need, sometimes, individuals to spark an idea so that I can take off running.” The “Charged Up” rapper went on to say how he was okay with being the poster child for the “ghostwriter” discussion and releasing “back-to-back” diss tracks for Meek saying, “This has to literally become the song that people want to hear every single night, and it’s gonna be tough to exist during this summer when everybody wants to hear [this] song that isn’t necessarily in your favor.”

Next up, after releasing his self-titled album, rapper Dom Kennedy announces his “By Dom Kennedy” tour. Dom took to Twitter to make the announcement Tuesday that he would in fact be hitting the road this fall also tweeting out the tour dates. The tour will feature rappers Casey Veggies and Jay 305 and tickets are now available for purchase. The “By Dom Kennedy” tour will kick off October 17th making its first stop in Miami, Florida and come to an end December 6th in Denver, Colorado. Dom Kennedy’s “By Dom Kennedy” and Casey Veggies’ “Live And Grow” are currently available for purchase.

Lastly, rapper The Game reveals that “The Documentary 2” is a double disc album. The sequel to the 2005 “The Documentary” LP will consist of two 19-track disks, equaling 38 tracks in total. The likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Drake, Future, Dr. Dre, and more make appearances on the album. The Game took to Instagram to explain the reason for the album cover stating that, “The reason one [disc] is a red bandana and a blue bandana is to bring awareness to the “100 Days 100 Nights” and ongoing Crip and Blood epidemic that has plagued my city recently and in the past and really explain to the world how things like this occur and have occurred since 1970 when gang bangin’ was created in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities & hoods.” “The Documentary 2” is now available for pre-order and slated for an October 9th and 17th release date.