Tips for Natural Queens


The natural hair trend is growing daily with every decision to stop getting relaxers and performing the big chop. Natural hair has been around for decades, however, it is evolving with curl manipulations and hair care products. Many people admire and desire the natural hair look but do not know the maintenance of keeping it healthy and stylish. These tips will help queens who are entering the natural hair journey or thinking about entering it.

The first tip to maintaining healthy hair is by having a weekly hydrating wash routine. Many people try to avoid washing their hair on a regular basis because they’re accustomed to not washing it much when having a relaxer. Little do most people know that water is good for your hair. It’s good to wash and condition natural hair at least once a week.

Another way to maintain healthy hair is by refraining from using heat on your hair. Heat that is too high can damage the hair shift leaving the hair dry and brittle. Using continuous heat on natural hair can also damage the curl pattern of your hair. When using heat on your natural hair it is important to always spray on a heat protectant. This will act as a shield over the hair so the heat will not burn it out.

Finally another helpful tip for healthy hair is wearing protective styles. These are styles that require as little to no heat as possible. Some examples of these kind of styles are full sew-ins, braids, twist, etc. Protective styles give the hair a chance to grow without it being manipulated. Protective styles should only be worn up to three months at a time and the scalp and hair should still be cared for under your protective style.

These are three healthy tips that queens should know about their natural hair. Natural hair can be difficult however it can be manageable with a few extra steps. Many people think that natural hair is lower maintenance but in reality it all requires the same amount of attention to grow and be healthy.