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Ever been so tired that you can’t even sleep?
Ever lost dedication that you can’t even keep?
Ever sown so much that you can’t even reap?
I’ve been there before,
But I was hungry for more.
Had to stay awake, when the world was asleep.
Had to pray it away and get down on my knees.
The drive was long but it was worth it indeed.
The climb is high, but the mountain is steep.
Ever lost friends that you can’t even reach?
If you were in a bind, where would they even be?
Ever lost someone you loved, you thought was meant to be?
You thought you had it all together but they had the key.
You depended on them so much that you couldn’t even see.
And when they left you blindsided, you had to pick yourself up to keep
moving, and pushing, and instead of stumbling, you kept looking.
You’ve found yourself in more ways than one,
And to me, that’s reassuring.
To be unapologetically yourself, with no one else’s help, that’s curing.
You thought it was shallow, but the entire time it was deep.
Layers and layers of yourself, that continued to seep.
You are more comfortable than you’ve ever been with the
characteristics of a goat, and not the sheep.
Now they all choose to gravitate towards you even more, but you don’t let them creep.
The prize is in your possession, and it’ll always be yours to keep.
So when you’re afraid to keep the faith, always remember to take that leap.

Aubriana Lowery
Aubriana Lowery
Aubriana Lowery is a Senior Journalism/Mass Communications major from Pulaski, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year.


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