Welcome Week 2020: Alcorn’s Greatest Hits


Welcome Week 2020 was slightly different for Alcorn students this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic but intriguing nonetheless. The event was held from Tuesday, September 8th to Friday, September 11th.

Patrick Mason, Student Government Association (SGA) President 2020-2021 and Taea Jackson, Miss Alcorn State University 2020-2021, combined forces to bring comradery to the campus and provide a week of entertainment for the students that would make them enjoy coming back to campus.

The week began on Tuesday, September 8th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with a virtual game entitled Brave Card Revoked. Brave Card Revoked was like the game Black Card Revoked but with a twist. Alcorn’s version of the game asked questions about being a Brave such as who was the first president of Alcorn to what year was Alcorn founded.

Wednesday, September 9th kicked off a day party on the Green in front of the Dr. Clinton Bristow Dining Facility (café). The event was festive as students listened to music and conversed with one another. Later in the day from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Mason and Jackson started an Instagram Live and did “24 Questions with Alcorn”. This Live was designed for students to be able to communicate with the SGA and voice their concerns.

On Thursday, September 10th, the SGA held Aux Cord Wars on the Green. Everyone had a good time playing music from different categories. The categories were Jackson vs. Jackson, Chicago vs. Chicago, Memphis vs. Memphis, and R&B. SGA President Mason stated, “With Covid-19 and having events, we have to take things slowly. The biggest thing is, if the students corporate and social distance themselves and wear their masks then we can have more events like this.”

The last event for the week was held on Friday, September 11th which consisted of a movie night at Spinks-Casem Stadium. The movie shown was The Conjuring and the SGA provided a movie snack. Every participant who attended the movie was instructed to remain six feet apart from others and consistently wear their masks.