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Wendalyn Towner / Yard Runners

Chic and modish fashionista/inspiring model, Wendalyn Towner, is a Senior Biology Pre-Profession major from Canton, Mississippi. Featured on many popularized media platforms such as HBCUdrip, Colorbloc Magazine, etc., Towner has continuously paved the way as a standout Yard Runner here at Alcorn State University (ASU). First starting her modeling career in middle school, she modeled for Dillards in local fashion shows and continuously used fashion as an outlet of expression to indeed be herself.

Inspired by the styles of Lori Harvey, Towner has always been drawn to the chic and preppy aesthetic. Her current favorite fashion trends are feathers and crossbody bags and one of her current favorite fashion brands is “Chrome Hearts,” which are a popularized brand for streetwear statement pieces. For Towner, Feathers are a classy fashion piece as they are mostly styled elegantly for birthday dinners, parties, and other extravagant events. In contrast, Crossbody bags add an essential yet comfy and cute look to her everyday casual outfits. In college, she eventually found her passion for fashion as she found her true style and how she wanted to present herself as a prestigious, stylish, high-fashionista.

Turner previously served as the President of The Gentlemen and Queen’s Modeling Squad here at ASU. For Wendy, she stated that modeling gave her an outlet to be an inspiration to others while also allowing herself to grow as a person. During her tenure as president of the organization, she provided inspiring models, various photo and video shoots, fashion shows, and an overall ideal experience in the fashion world. Her favorite fashion show that she has walked in and created was “Fashion: A Style Curation,” which featured and honored many aesthetics of fashion and gave the audience a glimpse of what fashion is all about.

For individuals still trying to find their personal style, Turner gave the advice to “first know who you are as a person; if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you like, then get inspiration and find what fits your aesthetic.” After graduation she plans to go to dental school and later become an orthodontist. Post dentistry, Turner eventually wants to return home and give back to the community as she wants to reinvent her mother’s old modeling organization and give young ladies the experience and fundamentals of modeling. 

Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst is a Senior Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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