What Are Your Plans After Graduation?


As the New Year begins many seniors are anticipating the month of May, aka, GRADUATION! The big question is still in the air, “What’s the move after graduation?” Unfortunately, every graduate does not have the slightest idea what’s next upon completion of college, but it’s okay. There are many considerable options to keep in mind after obtaining a degree, such as seeking a higher or equal degree or even beginning a career in your studied field. According to www.quintcareers.com/next-after-college/, here are eight critical issues you need to deal with as you move onward with your life in your transition from college to your career.

1.     Your Next Life Decision: Career A or Career B

2.     Your Next Career Step: Job or Graduate School

3.     Your Next Place to Live: Apartment or Living with Mom and Dad

4.     Your Next Home Town: Staying Nearby or Moving Away

5.     Your Next Budgeting Issue: New Car or Paying Off Student Loans/ Credit Cards

6.     Your Next Finance Goals: Spending Now or Investing for the Future

7.     Your Next Insurance Issue: Health, Auto, Life, Apartment or Else

8.     Your Next Concern: Dealing with Success or Failure

It’s overwhelming figuring out your next meal sometimes let alone your life after graduation, but with positivity and hard work you can get further than you’ve ever imagined. If there is a will, there is a way. Completion of graduation is just the beginning, your foot is in the door and the world is anticipating the impact you’re about to incorporate. Let the big question no longer be what is my next move, but how will I accomplish my next goal.