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What is Fashion?

According to Wikipedia Fashion is a term used interchangeably to describe the creation of clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry. The word fashion originates from the Latin word, Facere, which means to make.

But let’s just imagine fashion as a person. Is it male or female? What is its nationality or personality? What does he/she do for fun? What color is its hair? Who’s fashion’s best friend?

To answer these questions, you’d have to ask yourself. Because fashion isn’t just some ordinary word to describe the things a person wears. Fashion is that person. Fashion is what is in the heart. How you dress tells the story of you? Fashion is expression! Fashion is an attitude!

Think about how many schools require students to wear uniforms to “build feelings of community” and “create a level playing field” but it actually just takes away the expression and attitude from what students wear so they are solely focused on schoolwork. Just as there are dress codes in workplaces, or professional places, fashion can, at times, be distracting.

There is colorful fashion, loud fashion, plain fashion, modest fashion, modern fashion, vintage, gothic and punk fashion, formal fashion, casual fashion, rebellious, dramatic, and religious fashion; All to emphasize the person that you are at heart. Here at Alcorn fashion and the personalities behind it are emphasized and flaunted daily.

Here is one of Alcorn’s Seniors, Jackell Carter, flaunting his personality and expressing what fashion means to him.

“To me fashion is basically how you express yourself as a person, and a way to show your artistic flare. Fashion also shows the individuality in a person. Growing up, I always had a sense of style, and I’ve always liked to dress nicely. As I aged, different brands, and styles became popular, and I always found a way to make those styles or trends my own. One of my favorite quotes is “Be You” and I live by that faithfully through fashion.” -Jackell Carter

Makayla Evans
Makayla Evans
Makayla Evans is a Junior Mass Communications major from Philadelphia, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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