What issues do you think the Student Government Association (SGA) needs to address in the 2018-2019 academic year?


Khadeeja Milloy


Applied Science/Biomedical Engineering Technology


Prentiss, Mississippi

I think the SGA should address the cleanliness of our campus. The campus is a lovely place but it could look much more attractive if the parking lot was not so full of the student’s trash. Small adjustments like encouraging waste reduction and recycling can help enhance the beauty of the campus. The students will enjoy the greener grass, cleaner air and sweeter water even a little bit better.


Kacee Hayes


Business Administration

Junior (Transfer Student)

Collins, Mississippi

I think the SGA should address the issue of parking. On the first week of school, we received emails stating that we could not leave our dorms until 4:00 pm in our cars. The next day the campus police were giving out tickets at different buildings. I don’t think that’s fair to the students that purchased a parking decal. Why buy a decal if we can’t park where we want?


Destinee Scott


Child Development


Woodville, Mississippi

I think the Student Government Association (SGA) needs to address the student engagement issue. The students are not involved enough with the campus activities. I think involved students build stronger support networks, are more likely to graduate, develop a strong and diverse skill set and are more marketable to employers. There are not enough events that are held besides parties.


Teona Bowles


Biology Pre-Professional


Olive Branch, Mississippi

I believe that the major issues that should be addressed are the dorms and more parking. These situations could be solved by more donations from alumni to build more dorms and limiting the amount of student’s acceptance into the University. Another solution could be to keep track of the housing that is already being used so there won’t be another overflow of students in the future. The University is actually losing money with having to pay for hotels for students that could not fit into any dorm rooms.


Crenisha Hayes


English Literature


Mt. Olive, Mississippi

The Student Government Association should address the cleaning of the campus’ buildings. Alcorn’s campus is extremely beautiful but the buildings that students have classes in should be cleaned thoroughly. If this issue were to be taken care of the campus’ looks would be greatly improved. It would also show that we love and respect our campus.