What Kills?


“What kills?”




“No Try again.”

“Guns? Knives? Overdose?”

“Still not it.”

“Maybe people. The ones who kill, steal, and destroy.”

“I didn’t say who, I said what.  So I ask again, What kills?”

“If people don’t kill then I don’t know.  Just tell me now so I can forever know.”

“Think of Jesus and what he did for you.  Why did he come here and what did he do?”

“But no one killed Jesus. He died for me. He lifted his head to the sky and commanded his soul to leave.”

“Think of Adam and Eve. What did they do? Everyone must die because of the forbidden fruit.”

Then it hit me. It all makes sense. The wages of Sin is Death. Sin is it.

Death has no favorites nor does it discriminate. Everyone that sins must die or get saved.

Don’t sit there and wonder or waste any time. Side by side like brothers, Death and Sin will take your life.

Christ can save you.  You don’t have to die. Just accept the gift to you and let Jesus come into your life.