Where Does the Love Stop?


How much do you have to go through to get that place you’ve dreamed of?

The place you know you deserve to be in.

These aren’t just poems they’re the thoughts and feelings that start arguments with one, take one back to a forgotten time, allow some to downplay my heart strings, I write so I don’t wreck.

The ones closest to me who have my best interest at heart but don’t at the same time have no idea what goes through my mental.

Never can see why a young woman such as myself feels like this is exactly where she needs to be because she feels as if God is using her to be not only His light, but his light and their light.

No one knows that as a young girl my heart longed for a romance.

Not the kind of romance taking up for lost times at home or filling the void of something that wasn’t there.

Simply romance.

Never wanted something I didn’t comprehend or understand.

One night many years ago I prayed for the person I needed in my life, asking God for undeniable characteristics, bright personality, someone who could be my best friend, and maybe this is the part that’s hard to swallow.

Someone who needs my help, a young man who is lacking where I am able to build him up and he can do the same for me in time.

God answers prayer and to this day I know he answered that prayer for me and I’m thankful.

Love goes through trials but where do you cut it off? You don’t.