Why are blacks so devout to a book given to them by their oppressors?


It is no secret that blacks are infatuated with the Christian religion and will debate to their dying breath why it is the right religion for them and their community. The thing is blacks ignore the fact of who taught them this religion that they hold in such high regard. Caucasians are the teachers of this religion and they are also the same people who have oppressed blacks for 400 + years. Whites have enslaved, tortured, raped and have been the number one reason why blacks have had a long tenured plight in America. Blacks have become so comfortable with defending their lifestyle and mindset of the Bible that they have allowed it to cripple them making them lazy thinkers and followers.                        

One can assume that the Bible was used to control the minds of African Americans based off of numerous quotes in it such as, Ephesians 6:5 “Slaves, obey your Earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.” This quote is a direct correlation to the type of mind control tactics used by whites to instill fear in blacks to never disobey their Earthly master or for a better term for this argument (slave master).

White supremacy plays a part of the message of the Bible. It suggests that God has an equal love for blacks as He does all other races but is also accepting of the fact that blacks have been oppressed in his world more than any other race in existence. This is one of the many contradictions of the Bible that blacks continue to overlook and continue to use blank responses when this debate is brought to them such as “keep the faith “or “just believe”. The tide has turned so bad that blacks now subscribe to the Christian religion more than any other race in the country.

According to www.pewresearch.org , “Today, a larger share of African Americans than whites say they are Christian. And, of all major U.S. racial and ethnic groups, blacks are the most likely to identify as Protestant. Nearly eight-in-ten black Americans (79%) identify as Christian, according to Pew Research Center.” With blacks having lack of knowledge on their true religion they can never truly understand who they are in this world and what place they have in it. Blacks must understand that Christianity was put in place to control and manipulate their minds so once the physical part of slavery was over, they would still mentally be in shackles.