Why is Using Organic Products Better for Babies?


Parents want the best for their children and strive to raise them as best as they know how. Most doctors will agree that a child’s early growth is very important, however, they emphasize that infancy to one year of age is the most crucial developmental stage. A large part of this growth is influenced by what a baby is exposed to, internally and externally. It’s evident that more non-organic foods contain harmful chemicals, a number of pesticides and other chemical components that could harm and delay the most crucial part of the developmental stage. By using natural and organic products parents can help to prevent delays in the baby’s physical development and make sure they are kept clear of harmful chemicals.

The physical delay of a new born into the early stages of their development can be hard on both the child and their parents. Non-organic formulas often contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that can build up and have a negative effect on a baby’s physical development. According to www.rodalesorganiclife.com, “All formulas contain some kind of added sugar because it’s necessary in order for babies to be able to digest the proteins in milk and soy, but not all sugars are created equal. We investigated the use of sucrose in formulas, and they reported that, it can lead to issues down the line like degraded tooth enamel, delayed brain development and even childhood obesity.” Having extra chemicals such as sucrose in non-organic formula can eventually affect the child’s health. By using organic formula, you don’t risk the physical health of  the baby. Organic formulas also help to improve their physical development, sometimes even progressing it.

Most non-organic products that are used on a baby’s skin, hair and even their clothes contain chemicals that could inflict their health. Babies often breakout and react to these chemicals negatively, almost immediately. We don’t buy these trusted products and expect them to cause harm. Most non-organic clothing items contain synthetic fibers that irritate a baby’s skin and can even influence a poor immune system. Shampoos and body washes have parabens in them that can build up in the blood stream. According to www.treehugger.com,  ”Parabens are neurotoxins and are linked to reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption, and skin irritation. Stay away from anything with ‘paraben’ in its name, as well as benzoic acid and propyl ester.” Other harmful chemicals found in infant care products are talc and proplyene glycol, a chemical that is very harsh on the skin and found in most windshield wiper fluids. Natural products avoid the use of these chemicals and use safer natural options that help with caring for the health of children.

Parents often read the labels on these products and can’t pronounce the names and they aren’t even aware of what these ingredients are doing to their precious bundle of joy. Being more cautious about what is being used to care for their child could make a world of difference in the child’s health and maybe even the parents. Research and asking questions could help to save and improve their health. Also, being more aware of changes and what their child needs could be an indicator to help catch problems before they even arise. Because the first year of their lives is the most critical, why not take that as a sign to be more attentive to the overall health of your baby.