World News (October 15, 2019)



Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)- On Monday, September 30, nineteen pregnant teens and women were rescued from a human trafficking ring in Lagos. The victims range in age from 15 to 28.

Investigators are searching for the main suspects, but two women were accused of running homes where victims were supposedly arrested with the plan of selling their babies.

Nigerian police say that four children were rescued along with the teens and women. A spokesperson stated that they are continuing to investigate where all of the victims came from.

Some of the teens and women said that their traffickers kidnapped them, others said that they were lured to the city with the promise of a job while some were persuaded to sell their babies.

According to police, traffickers were selling male babies for 500,000 naira (around $1,378.00 U.S.) and female babies for 300,000 naira ($827.00 U.S.).

Halle, Germany (Reuters) – A gunman killed two people Wednesday in a German synagogue. Eighty people were at the synagogue to celebrate the holiday, Yom Kippur, a holy Jewish holiday.

The gunman, identified by prosecutors only as Stephan B., intended to incite an anti-semitic mass shooting and wanted others to copy him. He modeled his shooting after a shooting at a New Zealand mosque last year that killed 51 people.

He even went as far as to live stream it on social media. The video could be seen by thousands for 30 minutes, which he recorded from a camera helmet. When he could not gain access into the synagogue, he shot a man at a Kebab restaurant and a female bystander.

Investigators found 40 kilograms, or about 88 pounds of ammunition in his car.

“What we experienced was terrorism. According to our findings, the suspect Stephan B. aimed to carry out a massacre,” Federal prosecutor Peter Frank told reporters.

Police took seven minutes to reach the synagogue after receiving a call from a woman who had been outside of the building. When police arrived on the scene the gunman had moved towards the Kebab restaurant where they killed the man. Police captured him 1 hour and 30 minutes after the attack started.

Frank stated, “Stephan B. was influenced by anti-semitism, xenophobia, and racism. He armed himself with many weapons, some which were handmade and a large number of explosives.”

Tel Abyad, Syria (UPI)- 70,000 people have fled their homes of Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ayn from airstrikes over northern Syria from Turkish forces. Military personnel are said to have struck 1,850 “Terrorist targets” along the 150-mile path across the region.

After the United States withdrew their troops from the region, Turkey initiated offensive measures toward the Kurds. The Kurds, who helped the U.S. military defeat the Islamic State in the region, believes that the United States is abandoning them.

Fighter jets were used on Qamishli, the center of Kurdish Syria, just a few miles from Turkey’s border.

People are evacuating, dealing with traffic jams, and trying to escape the airstrikes.

“I had to leave with only the clothes on my back,” local business owner Mikael Mohammed said after leaving his home in Tal Abyad. “ The shelling is barbaric and indiscriminate.”

Medea Ghanm, 25, blames the United States for putting her and her children in danger. She said America turned its back on its allies, giving Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, permission to attack civilians.