World News (September 15, 2015)

vienna refugees
VIENNA (AP) – Thousands of people seeking asylum in western Europe pushed through police lines at Austria’s main border crossing with Hungary and set off on foot on the highway toward Vienna. They began their march after rail traffic was sharply reduced due to overcrowding, despite moves by authorities to compensate for that at the Nickelsdorf cross.
Buses and taxis were called to Nickelsdorf to take migrants to the Austrian capital, the main jump-off point for Germany and other western EU nations for the tens of thousands who have crossed from Hungary over the past week.
joso japan flood
JOSO, Japan (AP) – Houses lean forward, knocked partially off their foundations. The worst-hit are gone, their still-intact blue-tiled roofs left sitting on debris-strewn mud. The floodwaters have receded somewhat, but a vast area of the Japanese city of Joso remains inundated by a sea of brown water.

As the sun came out shocked residents and officials began to take stock of the damage wrought the previous day when a rain swollen river burst through its eastern bank, pouring in water so rapidly that many people could only clamber upstairs or to their roofs to escape.

iran nuclear deal

WASHINGTON (AP) – The House is continuing to flex its muscles on the Iran nuclear deal even though the Senate has already sealed its fate in Congress. Senate Democrats voted to uphold the accord with Iran, overcoming heavy GOP opposition to hand President Barack Obama a victory on his top foreign policy priority.