World News (September 30, 2019)


Madrid, Spain (The New York Times)- On Monday, the Spanish National Court ordered the release of Hugo Carvajal, the former Venezuelan Intelligence Chief. He was apprehended in April with a warrant for his arrest, given to him by the United States, who rejected the request to extradite him to stand trial for drug trafficking charges that took place in 2006. It was found that he smuggled 6.2 tons, or about 5,600 kilograms of cocaine from Venezuela to Mexico that was bound for America.

Carvajal claims that the drug charges against him were lies. Prison time for him could mean a minimum of 10 years with a maximum life sentence if convicted.

Carvajal was a lawmaker in the Socialist Party and previously served under Hugo Chavez, the former leader of Venezuela. The current leader, Nicolas Maduro, and Carvajal are on opposing sides regarding Venezuela’s political status. With support from the country and the international community, he called for Maduro to step down. While in office Maduro oversaw the destruction of the economy and the crisis of three million Venezuelans leaving the country.

In February, Carvajal led a military attack that supported the president’s opponent, Juan Guaido, with an anti-government protest. Carvajal then fled the country, first to the Dominican Republic, then to Spain, along with other members of the Socialist Party that sought asylum from Spain.

Paris, France (The Associated Press)- Jacques Chirac was the first president to acknowledge the role that France played in the World War 2 Holocaust as well as openly opposing the war in Iraq in 2003.

Chirac had governed France for 12 years from 1995-2007. He was a diplomat that recognized France’s wrongdoings in the past with the Holocaust, exposing the innocence many people have regarding the ‘Country of Love.’ During those times France persecuted and deported Jews back to Germany. In his time as president, he defended agricultural subsidies despite the protests from the European Union, banning nuclear tests in France, and fought against climate change.

Despite Chirac being one of France’s most beloved presidents, he was found guilty in 2011 of misuse of funds, breach of trust and illegal conflicts and was sentenced to two years in jail. However, his lawyers claimed he had recurring memory loss as a result of a stroke and he did not attend his trial.

“We are remembering tonight with emotion and affection his freedom, his personality, the talent he had to reconcile simplicity and grandeur, proximity and dignity, love of the motherland and openness to the universe,” says current President Emmanuel Macron.

France paid tribute on Thursday by blacking out the Eiffel Tower and will observe a day of remembrance and mourning on Monday, September 30.

Kabul, Afghanistan ( The Associated Press)- The forces of the United States along with Afghan military units, killed at least 40 civilians attending a wedding in Helmand, according to officials.

This attack comes after peace talks shattered with both the United States and Afghanistan to end the war.

The raid killed 22 Taliban fighters. Fourteen people were arrested including Pakistani citizens. A warehouse full of supplies and equipment were found but were destroyed.

“We are saddened and devastated to hear that civilians have lost their lives in an incident in Helmand despite President Ghani’s repeated call for extra caution in conducting military operations,” said Sediq Sediqqi, President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman.

The raid is the second of two attacks after a drone attack in Nangarhar that killed 16 others last week that targeted Isis fighters.