WPRL 91.7 FM Announces New Talk Show


You definitely do not want to miss the new Marketing With Myles radio show at Alcorn State University (ASU).  The show airs every Tuesday from 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm on Alcorn’s public radio station, WPRL 91.7 FM and www.wprl.org.  The show is hosted by Elizabeth Myles, Ph.D., Marketing Specialist with the Mississippi Small Farm and Agribusiness Center, and is produced by her husband, Jerome Myles, Sr., Gospel Director of WPRL. The show is designed to inform the listening audience about exciting news and topics surrounding Agricultural marketing. It’s also a voice for farmers, buyers, Agricultural professionals and Agribusinesses in Mississippi and the Nation.

Dr. Myles explained that getting her show started was somewhat easy. “I met with Beunkka Davis, who is our Interim Director of Marketing and Communications with the Office of Land-Grant Communications in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. Ms. Davis’ staff created the flyer and the promotion of the show began. Then I spoke with my husband and he produced the commercial for the show and we began planning and promoting it about a month ago.” After getting everything together she launched her first show on Tuesday, August 24th.

She explains that she was encouraged by her supervisor Dr. Gregory Reed to put a bigger spotlight on the Marketing program, which lead to the launch of the new radio show. He even gave the show its name. Dr. Myles has a passion for working with small farmers and helping them find markets for their product. It’s a personal fulfillment for her because the farmers have sustainable markets, provide for their families, and put money back into the local economy.

Dr. Myles has been working at ASU in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences for 20 years. She has been a Marketing Specialist for 12 years. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree at Jackson State University in Business Administration, her Master’s degree in Guidance Education at Alcorn State University and her Doctorate degree in Urban Higher Education Leadership from Jackson State University.

Although she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she grew up on a small farm in Pattison, Mississippi. Her family has a strong farming background. Even though she didn’t go to school for Agriculture she felt the need to come to Alcorn to do something that she loved and grew up around. When she began working at the Institution it was a personal fulfillment for her because she already had the background and knowledge about Agriculture.

Some of the many topics that will be discussed on the Marketing With Myles radio show are marketing research, branding and promotion, and diversification just to name a few. Dr. Myles will also have some featured guest appearances by local buyers and chefs, and domestic and international farmers.  Some of the international farmers are Latino and Hispanic, Caribbean/West Indian, and Asian.

There will also be appearances from organizational representatives from the Mississippi Department of Agricultural and Commerce, the National Center for Appropriate Technology, Kroger and the Widget Company to name a few. Dr. Myles explained there is a huge demand for local farmers’ products, however the farmers must have a strategy to supply various markets.

Tune in to the Marketing With Myles radio show to find out the latest trends and topics in Agricultural marketing.